Group Booking Enrolment Terms

Terms and Conditions

Students are to behave in a safe, respectful and appropriate manner and follow the directions of their Trainer. While attending training students are expected to wear work attire relevant to the course they are participating in, this allows for safe completion of any required activity.

The training organisation offers fair and reasonable refunds as per the conditions outlined below. No refund applies if you withdraw after commencement unless special circumstances, such as illness apply. Final decisions regarding refunds, fees, cancellations and transfers are at the discretion of the training organisation.

Course cancellation policy is:
Cancelled within:

a. more than 7 days - no charge
b. 7 days or less - 50 percent (50%) of course fee
c. 24 hours from start time - no refund

When transferring an enrolment from one course date to another the following charges will apply:
a. transferred 7 days prior to course date - no charge
b. transferred 7 days or less prior to course date - 50 percent (50%) of course fee
c. transferred 24 hours from start time - no refund / full course charge d. name changes 7 days or less prior to the course date will incur a $50.00 + GST fee per name change

In the event any student is turned away from training as a result of being adversely affected by drugs or alcohol in the Trainer's opinion, there shall be no refund.

The training organisation provides scheduled dates for courses, these courses are subject to sufficient numbers of students wishing to undertake the training. Should a course be under-subscribed the course may be cancelled or deferred until it is viable to conduct the training. In this instance the training organisation will contact any student enrolled to inform them and re-schedule as appropriate.

Registrations using purchase order as payment method are subject to the standard trading Terms & Conditions of the training organisation.

Training may be conducted in partnership with Registered Training Organisation # 21897 – Protector Alsafe Pty Ltd.

Further information on policies and procedures is available in the Pre-Enrolment Handbook.

Declaration: I declare that the information and documentation provided is true and correct. I have read and understood the cancellation and refund policies and agree with all the terms and conditions specified.